DADS, Seth Green, Brenda Song

Jennifer Clasen/FOX

For every story you hear about TV shows that have onset tension and behind-the-scenes drama, have faith that there are shows out there that have nothing but fun while filming.

Take for example, Fox's freshman comedy Dads. Star Brenda Song filmed a day in the life on the set of Dads, from rehersals to taping and everything in between, and based on these exclusive videos, the cast is enjoying every moment of the small screen magic.

Vanessa Lachey is a frequent target of Song's flipcam, and if you ever wanted to see Nick Lachey's wife acting particularly goofy, then these videos are for you. Meanwhile, Seth Green has something to say about his wardrobe, and you can witness how the cast gets pumped up before being introduced to the live studio audience.

In this week's episode, David (Peter Riegert) accidently brings bedbugs into the house, so he and Eli (Green) have to sleep at Ghost Child Games. Also in "Foul Play", Camila (Lachey) gets the lead in a local play and Crawford (Martin Mull) lends a helping hand.

Watch the videos to follow Song around the Dads set, and don't forget to tune in for an all-new episode airing tomorrow at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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