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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! During a Facebook Q&A with fans on Thursday, Oct. 31, Cher ignited a firestorm when she joked that her late ex-husband Sonny Bono is in hell.

"If Sonny Bono were still alive today, but you only had a minute to talk to him, what would you say?" one fan asked. Cher replied, "How hot is it where you just came from?"

Cher, of course, has been open about her musical partner's infidelities since his death in January 1998. And despite her flippant response to the fan's question, she later admitted that Bono is never far from her thoughts. "Do you miss Sonny?" another user asked. "I think about him a lot sometimes," Cher revealed. "There are things about him that I miss."

The "Take It Like a Man" singer, 67, also discussed her friendships with her Witches of Eastwick costar Jack Nicholson and the late Michael Jackson. "What's your most fondest memory of you and Michael Jackson's friendship?" one fan asked.

"I guess him teaching me the routine we did together on TV All of us, because he was so sweet and it was complicated for me. You can see it on YouTube, it's Cher and the Jackson 5," she answered. "There is another memory I had—I wanted beaded socks from BOB [Mackie] and I was wearing them and Michael was fascinated with them and I kept saying 'they are MY socks!!!'"

As for Nicholson? "He's a love," Cher gushed. "I've known him my whole adult life. He is more amazing then people think he is, and so kind, and he loves women. Actually he loves hanging out with women. He painted a little bull for me for my birthday because we are both Tauruses. Taurus people rule!"

Cher also shared beauty and fashion tips with fans. "What do you do to keep yourself in shape and healthy?" one Facebook fan asked.

"I don't smoke, drink or do drugs," she said. "Maybe twice a year I have a shot of Papi. Don't eat meat AND chose wisely in the gene department."

"You are amazing woman and give out so much but I do have one question how do you keep so thin?" another fan asked. "You look fabulous." Cher responded, "I literally work my A—off. Thank god I like exercising!!!"

Another admirer asked the living legend, "When you look in the mirror, do you see truly how beautiful you are?" The musician deadpanned, "I don't look in mirrors."

With more than 9,000 entries submitted, the pop star received a few kooky questions. In typical Cher style, she answered them with a sense of humor. "Did you often tour during The American Civil war?" someone asked.

Rather than get offended, however, Cher replied, "No I toured during the REVOLUTIONARY war. I did my first Farewell tour during the Civil War. I was a strong southern belle who vowed never to go hungry again and did some nursing on the side. I also ran a plantation."

You tell 'em, Cher!

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