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Happy Monday!

Oh, sorry—was that too loud and obnoxiously peppy for you on a Monday morning? We apologize. We're just so excited to share with you our huge list of steamy spoilers from all your favorite shows. No really, we've got ‘em all!

Ready for a relationship status update on Pretty Little Liars? You got it. Want to know more about Harrison's mysterious background on Scandal? Read on. Excited to find out about a new Glee character coming to town? We've got all the dashing new details. Plus, get all the latest scoop on How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, Nurse Jackie and more!

Meghan: Obsessed with The Mindy Project and loving Adam Pally! What's coming up for his character!
Awkwardness ahoy! Peter and Danny get into a bit of a fight when Peter's sister Sally comes to town and sends Danny, a very, um, provocative photo. But get your mind out of the gutter because there's a totally reasonable explanation. Maybe.

Alex: Gimme that Glee scoop! I'm starting to go through withdrawals!
Even though you definitely forgot the "please" on that request, we guess we can help curb your cravings. Get ready for a fresh face to grace your TV screen! Cody will appear in episode eight and he's an older fella who is handsome, sexy, well-built… the list of good qualities goes on and on! However there is one huge drawback to this newbie: he's quite the manipulator. Cody will not sing or dance so let's start taking bets on where he will pop up. Do you think he sounds like a New Yorker or a Lima-er? Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

Joanna: Loving all the Nurse Jackie spoilers you guys are posting. Got any more?
So far it's been nothing but back to popping pills for Jackie in the new season, but we just stumbled upon a bit of info that reveals that our favorite nurse will once again try and turn her life around. Jackie, realizing her life is going great and is sick of messing things up over her drug habit, will try the sober thing again, and this time she's calling for reinforcements. That means having heart-to-hearts with ex-boyfriend Eddie, which hopefully doesn't turn into something more since we think Jackie and Frank are perfect together!

Grace: I kind of hate King Henry on Reign! I hope he gets what's coming to him soon!
When it comes to his three ladies, fans can expect to see him commit to each even further, so tons more drama is coming.  But his relationship with Francis will be even more complicated as executive producer Laurie McCarthy explains, "There's a line that he has later, where the king says he has realized that the best gift he can give his son is his death. It's a gift don't necessarily want to give, so they have a very layered and intense relationship and it seems as though the king is disdainful of Francis and he's not. But he sees him as his usurper, just by nature of the line of succession."

Columbus Short, Scandal

ABC/Danny Feld

Shannon: Scandal is totally killing it this year! Best. Season. Ever. What else is coming up?
Scandal's storylines are super top-secret, but since we love this show somuch (and we know the right people to pester) we've managed to get some juicy scoop from one of our favorite gladiators. Darby Stanchfield tells us that it's finally time to get to know more about the best booty-shaker in OPA. "Harrison gets a turn in the hot water," she promises. "It's just the beginning but we get to learn a little bit more about him. It's so so fun what's coming up!" 



ABC/Jack Rowand

Natalie: I absolutely adored JoAnna Garcia on last night's Once Upon a Time! Please tell me that we are going to be seeing more of Ariel?
You're in luck fairytale fan! We recently chatted with The Little Mermaid and she promised us that we will definitely be seeing this fin-tastic new character in a few more episodes this season. Also did you know that JoAnna Garcia and Jennifer Morrison are off-screen besties? Emma and Ariel will soon be sharing scenes together as well…

Becca: I'm a huge Pretty Little Liars fan and I need to know right away if I should be worried about all my favorite couples. Can you give me a status update?
We're going to have executive producer Marlene King help you out with that one. We recently chatted with the pretty little executive producer and she gave us a couple-by-couple update on what we can expect when season four returns this January. "Spoby's solid for now. Haleb is in flux, but those two love each other," she says. "It's been such a roller coaster ride this year for our couples, and for us when we create the show. I love Spoby, I love Haleb, I love Ezria, and when you put these couples in the ringer as we've done, it's painful for us. But If I can make myself cry, if I can give myself goosebumps, then it's good storytelling and I know it's effective." And as for Ezria? Well you're going to have to watch to find out…

William: Hey, how about something How I Met Your Mother?
Hey, okay then. Prepare yourselves for the mother of all spoilers. The third annual Slapsgiving episode is quickly approaching and we can practically feel the heat coming off of Barney's freshly-slapped face. Marshall is going to be asking for some very techniques from some of the best slappers in the world—one of which is an old Chinese man in a mountaintop noodle shop. Do you think this slap can top all the others?

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