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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Sunday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

Homeland: A lot, and we mean a lot, went down in tonight's episode, but the most important reveal was that [spoiler] is pregnant! Want more details than that? Of course you do. Head on over to our Homeland recap for a full rundown.

The Walking Dead: What's a fate worse than death in the world of walkers? Banishment. That's right post-apocalyptic lovers! In order to properly punish Carol for the death of Karen and what's-his-name (No, really. What was his name?? David?) Rick put his leadership hat firmly back on his head and banished our season one survivor from the group. Bye-bye Carol. Aww man, what do you think Daryl's going to do when he finds out?!

Revenge: Oh hey there Hamptonites! Ready for your weekly dose of post east coast drama? Call the wahhmbulence because Nolan and Patrick have split! We'll see how long this break-up lasts because as we all know, these fellas have some serious passion, and an affinity for trashing homes in their path to the bedroom. Victoria also claimed that she was divorcing Conrad, but come on. We've definitely seen this move before!

But this time, per Emily's plan, Aiden revealed a warehouse full of gold that Conrad's supposedly been hiding – The Graysons' "missing" fortune. We'll bet a pile full of gold that she'll want to stay around to collect her share on this one! And in this week's blast from the past, remember that old college girlfriend that Daniel had? The one who was in the car with him when he has his DUI? Well Charlotte had her fired from her job and hired her at the Stowaway because she and a feeling that she and Daniel would will have a little spark—and goodness they do! Oh and Emily consulted with Nolan about her wedding plans, aka "the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne." Yikes! 


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Once Upon a Time: Tonight's episode was a splashing good time, so let's get straight to it! Did you know that all mermaids are given legs for a day when the tide is at its highest? They don't even have to sacrifice their voices to get ‘em! This nifty gift definitely came in handy for our darling little mermaid Ariel who, as you all should know, was desperately in love with Prince Eric. After having the time of her life at the ball, Snow's new BFF Ariel was ready to be a permanent land-walker so she wished to the mythical sea-goddess Ursula for a little magical assistance.

Desperate to get finally get to Snow, Regina posed as Ursula and granted Ariel legs in exchange for giving Snow a tail. (And yes Snow looked beautiful!) But at the last minute our fiery red-head realized the errors of her ways and she stabbed Regina in the neck with a fork—Uhh we mean dinglehopper, of course. To punish Ariel for her attack, Regina stole the mermaid's voice, and ruined her chances of explaining to Eric who she really is.

Over in Neverland, Hook admitted to the group that Neal is on the island and the gang instantly set off on the quest to rescue him from Pan's wicked 17-year-old clutches. In order to retrieve Neal from his Nederland captivity, each member of the group had to reveal their deepest, darkest secret. Here's the rundown: Snow wants a baby. Charming can never leave Neverland due to that whole dreamshade debacle. Hook admitted to kissing Emma and revealed that he never thought that he would have feelings for anyone after Mila. Emma's secret was that she never stopped loving Neal but she was hoping he was dead because it would be easier to put it behind them than to face going through the pain again. Sheesh, did you get all that?! Quite the jam-packed episode! 

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