Instagram, Jimmy Fallon, Harrison Ford


This is like a story straight from summer camp.

Jimmy Fallon will do a lot to provide entertainment and memorable moments for viewers of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon—like getting his ears pierced, for example.

And although witnessing the late-night TV host undergo the entire process at a parlor with a professional would still be entertaining to watch, Fallon made sure to up the ante by having one of his celebrity guests from the show do the deed.

And that's where Harrison Ford comes in.

"Harrison Ford pierced my ear on our show tonight. #ThereWillBeBlood," the funnyman teased on Instagram with a photo, and showed proof that it actually happened by strutting a bright red feather earring on his left ear.

But that's not all! The 71-year-old actor, who was photographed with a coat and sanitary gloves on, put the cherry on top of the entire scenario by also wearing the matching earring to Fallon. Aw, twinsies!

The duo posed for a sweet photo together, each showing off their new accessory, as Ford gives Fallon a precious hug from the back. "No joke. Harrison Ford pierced my ear. Then we wore matching earrings," Fallon posted.

Can't wait to see it all go down!

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