Gemma Arterton

Mike Marsland/WireImage

We've long been fans of the slip dress, but is what Gemma Arterton's wearing more like a sleep dress?

At first glance we were distracted by how incredibly hot the Runner Runner star looks in this Louis Vuitton look. From the deep smokey eye, to the way that lace top sits against her ta-ta's, we barely noticed the fact that she's wearing a glorified nightgown.

The question is, do we care? Lingerie or not, the silky style covers most of her body. We absolutely love the slate grey palette, with those very simple floral embellishments. And in fairness to this fashion-forward star, there is a good amount of shape to the a-line design.

So if the look is technically haute couture underwear then we say add it to the list of fall's hottest trends. What's your take?

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Do you approve of Gemma's underwear as red carpet wear?
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