With the Breeders' Cup taking place this weekend, it's a sure bet that plenty of stylish ladies are putting the final touches on their ensembles as we speak.

And because no horse race is complete without a spectacle of fabulous hats, we tapped Christine Moore, the official milliner of this year's Breeders' Cup, for the very best advice when it comes to the must-have accessory.

Wearing an incredibly opulent design herself, Moore, who is responsible for promoting and teaching others about the elegance of the race, stopped by E! News and dished on the latest hat trends with Catt Sadler

"I'm actually wearing a hatinator, which is a hat, that fastens like a fascinator," she explained. "It gives a bit more attitude and pizazz than what you normally see."


And when it comes to picking out a cool piece for yourself, Moore says personality plays a big part.

"It really has to do with your personality and preference. If you're a quieter person, choose a quieter hat! If you want to be photographed and seen, then go bigger," she advises.

Great advice!

As far as styling it, the hat expert shares some helpful hints for making the accessory as alluring as possible.

"If you can get a hat on your forehead it's much sexier and sleeker," she says, noting that in the past, hats used to be worn in a way that accentuated the hair. Now, one's hairstyle comes secondary to the hat.

And finally, the savvy milliner emphasizes that there's truly something for everyone, no matter your budget.

"You can really splurge or save. You can get elegance at any price point!" she said.

Let the races begin!

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