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When it comes to famous couples who prove that true love can really last, Trudie Styler and Sting certainly come to mind.

After all, the powerful pair, who now call New York City home, are terrific examples of success both in their personal and professional lives.

When we had the opportunity to chat with Trudie about her inspirational lifestyle and return to the stage after a 20-year hiatus as the lead in The Seagull, we couldn't wait to get to know more about her.

Here's what she shared:

The Seagull

Recently you and your husband Sting went on the record to say that New York is your prinicipal place of residence. Why New York?
We've had an apartment in New York for nearly 30 years and spent a few months here each year, but in recent years the kids all decided to set up home in the U.S., and so it seemed like the place to be! We both really love New York though, it's so vibrant and sociable, we feel very much at home. When we moved to a new apartment, we fell in love with life here all over again. The I set up a film company, Maven Pictures, with producer Celine Rattray, so there are lots of reasons why New York is home right now.

Where do you and Sting like to eat in New York?
Sant Ambroeus, The Waverly Inn, Raos and The Fat Radish.

When things get hectic, how do you find calm in the storm?
I work out every day, usually some form of yoga. It gives me time and space to center myself and focus.

You are currently playing the lead role in Chekhov's The Seagull. You have always been an actress but are now returning to the stage after over 20 years. Tell us everything!
It has been a challenge, but a hugely rewarding one. First of all, Max Stafford-Clark is the consummate director—he has overcome huge obstacles to keep working and it is a gift and pleasure to be doing The Seagull with him. I have known Max for many years and I have confidence working with him, he is very supportive and encouraging. Isobel Desmond (Arkadina) is a demanding role as she has to flow from comedy to tragedy so swiftly, but I have enjoyed the preparation and the rehearsal process very much. I have focused on it very closely over the last couple of months, and that's been wonderful. I think I'm happiest when I'm acting! This is what I always wanted to do, what I trained for, and so it feels really good to be doing it again.

While you've been hard at work on The Seagull, Sting was two blocks away performing for the New York Public Theatre. How have you managed to support each other's work over the years?
I don't think it's necessary to be with someone seven days a week to have a healthy relationship—in fact, sometimes distance can be a very positive thing! It keeps you independent and strong, and that feeds back in to the relationship. Having said that, we have always supported each other's work as much as we possibly could, of course. I have enormous respect for what Sting does, and he feels the same towards my work.

What projects do you have coming down the pipeline?
I have two films coming out soon with Maven pictures—Black Nativity, starring Forest Whitaker, which will be out in November, and a U.K. film, Filth, based on Irvine Welsh's (who wrote Trainspotting) cult book, starring James McAvoy.

After being together for so many years, what is your and Sting's secret to making marriage work?
There's no formula, but we like each other a lot, we don't take each other for granted, and I guess it comes down to chemistry!

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