Gravity has been kind to Rihanna.

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the 25-year-old singer Instagrammed a topless picturing of herself prepping her Halloween costume. She appeared to have on goth makeup, dark lipstick and a henna tattoo on her hand, but her natural cleavage (with a tiny assist from her arm) was what stole the shot!

She later gave a full reveal of her self-described "Zombie chola" esnemble, which showed her in Tommy Hilfiger boxers, sagging pants, a tiny bra-like stop and an open flannel shirt. She also wore big hop earrings and a bandana in her hair. And in case you were wondering what to call this alt version of Rihanna, she clarified, "My chola name was #ShyGirl."

Nothing shy about you, girl! Anyway, no Halloween would be complete without treats, and Rihanna's Bajan chef Esther made her an "EPIC  phucking cake!" The spooky concoction featured an edible witch, a cauldron filled with eyeballs, and a spell book.

Rihanna Instagrammed a close-up of the spell book, covered slightly by an edible spider, which included an "Anti ba$ic recipe!!" In case you were wondering, that includes eye balls, spiderwebs, snakes, human brains, and liver.

Delish—if you're a zombie.

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