A lot of celebrities are doing a Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween this year, but Jennifer Garner's family has been there, done that.

The Dallas Buyers Club star revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing on Ellen Friday that she initially suggested to her brood last year that they skip dressing up, but that they got their dad to overrule mom.

"You and I, we're grown ups, we don't have to do it, and they can talk [their father] into anything," Jen told Ellen. "They started on him, so we were [from] Wizard of Oz. And this is the deal: I was Glinda and we had Dorothy and Scarecrow and, hang on, I'm forgetting a kid. I can't forget a child!

"The Lion, thank you," she remembered after glancing off to the side.

"Are my producers helping you remember a child?" Ellen asked.

"Whatever it takes!" the mother of daughters Violet and Seraphina and son Samuel exclaimed.

Hubby Ben Affleck, meanwhile, dressed up as the Tin Man.

"So we go to another neighborhood to trick-or-treat and I am wearing a full-on ball gown," Jen recalled.

"It was pink, fluffy. It was itchy. It was uncomfortable," she added, grimacing. "There is not another grown-up in sight dressed up except for Ben Affleck and me.  And he is in a full-on Tin Man suit, and he sees all the other people there and realizes that we were the only ones dressed up and he took his Tin Man off and walked around and left me—his wingman, his partner in life—hanging as Glinda.

"So now I'm solo," Jen continued. "I'm just in agony, so I know he wouldn't want you guys to miss out on him as Tin Man, so...I brought you a little something." 

And just as we were wondering where the heck the photos were of the Affleck family Halloween in 2012, Garner came through.

Jennifer Garner, Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"You're welcome, honey," she smiled innocently.

But it isn't her fond memories of trick-or-treating last year that is keeping her family capped at five.

After Ellen flashed a clip of Jen calling her husband "a wonder-sperm kind of guy" on Sept. 27, 2012, the actress reaffirmed that nothing was cooking in the oven—and that she's probably not planning on any more baking.

"Spermy has so far," Jen said, miming a chopping motion, "been held at bay."

"There are 57 kinds of contraceptives used pretty much [every day]," she explained. "Three of them are under the age of 8. But yes, so far so good, ha. Stop it, stop it in its tracks."

Once again with the chopping motion.

"I think that's enough," she added, referring to her and Ben's three existing beautiful children. 'I think we have provided the world with enough."

Meaning, they'll have to contract outside of the family if they want to add a Wizard or Wicked Witch of the West to the gang in the future.

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