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Tori Spelling's book is 304 pages of eyebrow-raising text.

Each story told by the famous Hollywood actress in her new release (available in stores now) presents a new OMG-moment, whether she's being candor about her relationship with Dean McDermott, the antics of her four young children Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn, the tragic experiences from her pregnancies or revealing that there's a sex tape out there starring her and her husband.

Spelling doesn't hold back in the slightest when sharing these tales, and to prove our point, here are five shocking TMI excerpts from Spelling It Like It Is.

1. Comparing Family Poops: "When I met Dean I went from sharing nothing with my partner to telling Dean everything. TMI is the story of our lives. We regularly share the size, color and length of our shits. We beckon each other to the toilet to lean in and get a good look. Unfortunately, our kids have picked up on this habit too. There are photos on my phone of the most impressive McDermott family shits." (p. 14-15)

2. Tori's Water Broke on Her Daughter Stella: "Was it a contraction? I sat up to see if anything else would happen, and that's when I felt a tiny bit of pee. Oops. I started to get out of bed to go to the bathroom...Now that I was full-term, I couldn't scoot to the end of the bed anymore. Instead, I carefully placed one tiptoe on the floor between the side of the bed and Stella. Then I put my other foot down. Just then, as I stood above her, it happened. My water broke all over Stella." (p.63)

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Finn, Liam, Stella, Hattie

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3. When Tori Bled All Over the Masseuse Table: "I felt something wet—had I peed a little? How weird and embarrassing...Anyway, Brendan started working on my shoulders, and I felt more wetness. This was getting awkward. I hoped the pee wasn't visible or anything...I looked at my hand and freaked when I realized it was blood. I rolled over and looked down at myself. There was blood everywhere. A lot of blood. My heart dropped...Had I miscarried?" (p.109).

4. The Moment Tori's Son Used the P-Word to Refer to His Sister's Genitals: "The mom had asked, 'How do you like your new little sister?' Liam responded, 'I like her, but I don't like when her p---y gets red.' He started pulling me toward our car. The mom looked up at me, shocked. I just shrugged and said, 'Vagina is so clinical.'" (p. 124)

5. Speaking of the P-Word...: "Anyway, the bouncy house we rented had a built-in slide. Suzanne and I decided to go down it while Mario was the base, filming. I threw myself onto the slide. As I went down, my dress flew up. My legs were spread, and, as Dean would put it, I blew a lip. Poor Mario. He had to see that through his lens. As I stood up and pulled myself together, I said, 'Mo,, did you see that?' He said, 'Yeah, I'll rewind and delete.' It was thanks to Mario that Oxygen never saw the dailies with me flashing my p---y." (p.172)

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