Kate Middleton, Halloween


Kate Middleton is a real-life princess (well, technically a duchess), but once upon a time this London lady was a witch—thanks to the magic of Halloween!

On another Halloween of yesteryear, an adorably fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan dressed up as Princess Jasmine—and not in the trying-to-be-provocative way.

John Stamos, on the other hand, tweeted a throwback Halloween costume from the early '80s, admitting, "Not sure what i was dressed up as- a slutty??"

John Stamos, Twitter


And while celebs these days are quite often sexing up their holiday attire to the max, their throwback pics from years past seem to be a more wholesome embodiment of what Halloween is meant to be!

Take, for example, the year a young Drake (then just known as Aubrey Drake Graham) dressed as a hobbit. Who knew that before he was a rapper, before he was Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi...he inhabited Middle-earth?!

If you can handle a slew of photos sweeter than a tub of candy corn, take a look through these stars' amazing costumes from Halloweens past!

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