The Vampire Diaries

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"Hi, welcome to the show. Can you please take your clothes off?"

One way to get super-close with your new coworkers super-fast? Have the first time you meet them be the day you're supposed to film a threesome scene! This is exactly what happened to The Vampire Diaries' Olga Fonda, who plays the mysterious Nadia, as her first introduction to cast members Zach Roerig and Claire Holt was when she was lying in bed with them, almost completely naked, in the season five premiere.

"I call it an ice breaker, because that was my first day on set, that was my first scene the day I arrived in Atlanta. I got to tell you, Claire and Zach are amazing," Fonda recalls. "They made that scene so easy and so fun and so wonderful that I'm very thankful for them, because I'm a little nervous, you know, first day, first scene."

But even more nerve-wracking than shooting the actual scene? Choosing what to wear, as Fonda says, "I remember walking in and the wardrobe department comes out and goes 'So we have your outfits.'" Which were six different kinds of pasties on a tray for her to choose from.

"I didn't even know that there's so many types of clothing for that purposes exist in so many different shapes and forms, and I was a little bit confused [Laughs.]." she says. "I didn't even know if I should go for more of a fashion one, or more for like a comfort one, or where should I go!"

Of course, we all know it worked out pretty well for Fonda, whose character Nadia is a woman on a mission to get her hands on Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev), who is still currently filming and will appear in the milestone 100th episode. And in tonight's episode, viewers will finally learn the Russian beauty's surprising history, a reveal Fonda is excited for fans to see.

"You know there's been the question of what exactly necessarily is Nadia's agenda and people have been waiting for it, and I think it's the perfect time for it to come out," she says. "There were a few speculations here and there and I think some people are going to be very happy with their speculations and some might be surprisedpleasantly surprised. So I'm curious to see what the response is going to be, but I'm excited."

And Fonda is more than OK with viewers sharing their opinions with her on Twitter, saying the Vampire Diaries' fans have been amazing to her. "Since I've been on the show, I've had a lot of new fans coming on board, and they are just so wonderful. I was a little nervous, again, I'm here and the show has been together for four years, they have the people you love, and if you mess with them, they might not like you necessarily as much," she says. "I do get a little tweet here and there that says ‘Don't mess with Matt. You better not mess with him!' But they've been so wonderful and they've been so welcoming and then they've been so loving."

And they will continue to be so, as long as you don't mess with Matt. "I know, right?" Fonda says with a laugh, before adding, "But listen, sometimes you gotta be careful when you're in Europe and you do some things; it might hunt you down."

The Vampire Diaries airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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