Justin Bieber, Graffiti Artist: Pop Star Shares Pics of His "New Hobby"

Pop star tags "RIP PAC" on side of building with cops just around corner

By Rebecca Macatee Oct 31, 2013 12:48 PMTags

Banksy better watch out, because Justin  Bieber's joined the graffiti game!

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the 19-year-old pop star Instagrammed pictures of his art tagged on buildings. The Biebs himself could be seen practicing his "street art" (aka his "new hobby") wearing sneakers, saggy pants, a hoodie and a baseball cap.

In one picture, Justin is shown tagging "RIP PAC" on a concrete wall. It is unclear whether he was memorializing Tupac Shakur, the pet hamster he named in the late rapper's honor, or both.

The "Believe" singer's partner in crime for the evening was R&B singer Khalil. The former Def Jam artist Instagrammed a picture of "Me & Bizzle trying something new" which, amusingly, shows a cop car—flashing lights on—just around the corner.

Bad boys, bad boys—whatcha gonna do? Well, J.B.'s got a show in Ecuador tonight, so, probably that. Of course, he hasn't just been tagging streets and selling out stadiums in South America—he's been giving back, too.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, he volunteered in an impoverished area of Guatemala City by helping to build a school with Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit run by Scooter Braun's brother, Adam. He gave his "little friend Ricardo" his sunglasses and Instagrammed a video of himself and several kids cheering together.

"blessed to see the world," he tweeted afterwards. "going to do something positive with the gift. wake up each morning and say what u appreciate. helps get u right."

Such wise words from Justin Bieber, the graffiti artist with a heart of gold!