Pauly D's Baby Mama Amanda Markert Invites Him to Meet Their Daughter: "Come Bond With Her"

Jersey Shore star is seeking full custody of his little girl Amabella, who was born on May 15

By Zach Johnson Oct 31, 2013 12:34 PMTags
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Pauly D has yet to meet Amabella, the little girl he unknowingly fathered with Amanda Markert in the fall of 2012. It wasn't until earlier this month that the Jersey Shore star learned the former Hooters waitress gave birth on May 15, 2013—and now, the 33-year-old DJ is seeking full custody.

"My No. 1 focus is my daughter," Pauly D says in the Nov. 11 of In Touch. "Everything in my life will now revolve around her and what's best for her."

Pauly D is ready to take responsibility and raise his little girl, he adds. "I cannot wait to meet her," he says. "I've never been so excited in my entire life. I'm proud to be a father, and I'm ready for it."

Markert responded to the tabloid interview via Twitter on Wednesday, Oct. 30. She directed several messages at her baby daddy, writing, "This is getting out of hand, you've had my number since day 1. Come bond with her any day, any time you and your family want."

"It could all be so simple," added Markert, who resides in New Jersey. "Call now."

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Markert reached out to the MTV reality star via Twitter because she has no other way of getting in touch with him. "Since we last spoke I don't have any way to get in touch with you directly," she explained, "and I think we can solve this by talking ASAP."

Pauly D has not engaged with Markert on Twitter, though he has used the social networking site to promote his gig at Las Vegas' Haze nightclub at Aria on Nov. 2.