Queen Latifah Dresses as Oprah Winfrey for Halloween Episode of Her Show!

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By Brett Malec Oct 30, 2013 9:42 PMTags

Queen Latifah is channeling Oprah Winfrey for Halloween!

During a recent Halloween-inspired episode of The Queen Latifah Show, the 43-year-old came out dressed as the media mogul in a curly wig and red dress.

"I decided to dress like Oprah because, as I said at the top of the show, we're honoring all the queens today!" Latifah says to the audience. "If it wasn't for Oprah and seeing all the people she inspired through her show, I would never have taken this journey and I'm so happy I did."

And Latifah didn't just dress like Oprah. She took a cue straight from Oprah's signature gift-giving antics.

"So I'd like to take you back to September of 2004," she continued. "There's a treat for you under each of your seats. Seriously. I want everybody to look under their seats, there should be a little box under there. Don't open it. Don't shake them. Everyone have them? All right, you ready to open them?"

"The #QLShow 'Halloween Fit for a Queen' celebration had to include the ‘Queen of Talk' @Oprah! Here's a sneak peek," Latifah tweeted about the episode earlier today.

Watch the funny clip for yourself!