Katy Perry has a message for Olivia Wise: Keep roaring.

The pop superstar posted a video response to the ailing Toronto teen, who's battling brain cancer, complimenting Olivia on her recording of Perry's hit, "Roar," which has since gone viral, and sending her "love and light."

"I just wanted to reach back out to you and tell you that I saw your video and I was very moved, and you sounded great for being in the studio and making it your wish to record that song. I thought that was really cool," the "Firework" singer said.

She continued: "I love you and a lot of people love you, and that's why your video got to me and moved everybody that saw it. So I just wanted to send you some love and some light and tell you that I'm thinking about you. Thank you so much. Keep roaring."

Wise's stirring rendition of the anthem has racked up over 141,000 views and, according to the Toronto Star, was the idea of her cousin, Jeff Kassel, who arranged the session with his friend, California-based music producer Jon Levine.

"It was really just for an experience for her to have, and her family," he told the paper.

But what he and Olivia didn't count on was how quickly the poignant clip would spread once it was uploaded to YouTube, with many viewers commenting on how much of an inspiration Wise is, particularly since she performed the song from a wheelchair.

Despite her weakened physical condition, Olivia sings "Roar" beautifully, accompanied by a soft piano, string section and the occasional drums, a smile crossing her face as she recites Katy's lyrics about self-confidence in the face of her own serious health struggle.

"I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire/ 'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar," goes the song.

Perry heard her all right, even though she's on the other side of the globe having just arrived in Tokyo, where she's doing a major publicity blitz for her new album, Prism.

Kassel added that Olivia's condition has worsened the last few weeks, but she did see Perry's video and was "getting a huge kick out of it."

"The excitement that it's been, the positivity...has been such an important boost, I'd say, during these really tough times. It means the world," he said. "It's such an incredible thing and it really adds to Olivia's legacy that she's been able to inspire other people."

Olivia's video also included a link to the SickKids Foundation, which has established the Liv Wise Fund in her name to raise money in support of brain tumor research.

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