That pumpkin patch is The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze. And "great" is an understatement: The 25-day exhibition features over 5,000 hand-carved, illuminated pumpkins, displayed at the Van Cortlandt Manor in the Hudson Valley.


1. There are all sorts of jack o' lanterns: Some are more traditional.

2. Some are clowns.

3. Some are starred.

4. So many types of jack o' lanterns! There are rows and rows of jack o' lanterns.

5. But that's not all: There's a jack o' lantern jack in the box. That moves.

6. There's a Doomsday Clock Tower. That actually works.

7. There are men made of jack o' lanterns.

8. And jack o' lantern men who dance.

9. There's a jack o' lantern graveyard.

10. And jack o' lantern scarecrows that guard the graveyard.

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11. And jack o' lantern witches bubble bubble toiling trouble over a jack o' lantern cauldron.

12. There's a bonfire made of jack o' lanterns.

13. There's a giant jack o' lantern spider web.

14. With flashing jack o' lantern spiders.

15. There's a jack o' lantern garden.

16. With jack o' lantern wild flowers.

17. Jack o' lantern mushrooms.

18. And some squash-eating Venus pumpkin traps!

19. There's an elephant made of jack o' lanterns.

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20. And jack o' lantern dinosaurs! Including a T-rex.

21. A triceratops.

22. And a brontosaurus.

23. There's a sea monster made of jack o' lanterns.

24. Swimming in a sea of jack o' lantern waves.

25. And a creepy spider-skeleton thing that will haunt our nightmares forever.

26. But the crown jewel of the Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze is the Tunnel O' Pumpkin Love.

27. An actual tunnel made of countless jack o' lanterns.

28. Each individually hard-carved.

29. We want to go to there.

The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze runs until Nov. 11. Get more information here.

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