Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott


Four years ago, Star magazine ran a cover story claiming that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were trapped in a "loveless marriage." As it turns out, that couldn't be further from the truth.

In her recently released sixth memoir, Spelling It Like It Is, the 40-year-old actress revealed that she made an explicit home movie with her hubby just seven months earlier.

"Dean said, 'We should tape ourselves having sex.' He had a little portable tripod, and he set up his video camera on it," Spelling wrote of their 2009 Valentine's Day plans. "Afterward, I checked my angles and they were good, so I allowed him to keep it."

The video was uploaded to the couple's home computer "without password protection," Spelling added. That turned out to be a bad move, because two years later, they discovered that one of McDermott's "so-called friends got his dirty paws on it" and was shopping it around town.

"I was horrified," said Spelling. The couple sent the man a cease and desist letter, though she claims he never responded. "We never heard from him again, and the incident went away," she wrote.

It's not the first X-rated controversy to plague the reality stars. In 2012, McDermott accidentally tweeted a photo of his wife's bare breasts when he posted a picture of his son, Liam, playing in bed. The photo was quickly deleted, but not before it was picked up by numerous media outlets.

"I was just topless!" Spelling argued in her book. "Dean and I don't believe in hiding our bodies. We don't want our children to think that their bodies are something to hide."

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