National Cat Day

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Well it's official. You're all a bunch of crazy cat ladies (and dudes)!

And we mean that as a compliment, naturally. To celebrate National Cat Day, we asked you to tweet or Instagram us pictures of your cats. We received thousands upon thousands of pics.

We saw old cats and young cats and fat cats and furry cats and one cats and two cats and three cats and more! We saw Tabbys and Bengals, Persians and Siamese. We even saw a few hairless cats and one pink one.

And you go crazy for them! We don't blame you.

If we could pick all of your cats as E!'s Cutest Cat of 2013, we would.

But we can't.

We also couldn't include all thousands upon thousands of pictures in one gallery (if you want to browse through all of the submissions, check out the #ELovesCats hashtag on Twitter or Instagram), but we did manage to pick some real cuties.

So get to clicking and check out the kitties in the running for our prestigious title right meow. Weigh in in the comments section of each photo and let us know which reader's cat you think is cutest!

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