Halle Berry's Stalker Scare

Monster's Ball star seeks a restraining order against a man who is allegedly stalking her

By Sarah Hall May 27, 2004 5:45 AMTags

Halle Berry has an unwanted admirer.

The newly single Oscar winner filed a restraining order last week against a man who is allegedly stalking her.

According to documents obtained by Celebrity Justice, "H. Maria Berry," as she's referred to in the court filing, has become concerned with the attention she's receiving from one Greg Broussard, a 35-year-old Louisiana resident, who has identified himself as a former Navy SEAL.

Berry outlined her fears about Broussard in the filing, including the fact that he apparently believes himself to be her fiancé.

"Mr. Broussard, a stranger to me, has imagined a relationship with me wherein he and I are engaged to be married, and that my manager and publicist are preventing him from being with me," Berry stated. "I do not know Mr. Broussard and do not wish to have any contact with him.

"The threats he has relayed make me fear for my own safety as well as those who represent me."

Though Broussard has reportedly claimed that he has no intention of harming anyone, neither Berry nor her staff are comforted by his assertions, particularly Berry's manager, Vincent Cirrincione.

"Mr. Broussard has stated that he intends to become betrothed to Ms. Berry, and incorrectly believes that Mr. Cirrincione is Ms. Berry's father," the court documents read. "He has stated repeatedly that while 'he does not want to hurt anybody,' he will not be prevented from meeting with Ms. Berry and Mr. Cirrincione.

"Although his threats have consistently been couched in 'being forced to do something he does not want to do,' given Mr. Broussard's military background and erratic behavior, plaintiffs Cirrincione and Berry believe they are in imminent physical danger."

Cirrincione stated in the filing that Broussard has contacted him numerous times at his office and sent a selection of gifts intended for Berry, including an engagement ring.

"Greg Broussard is a stranger to me who is apparently delusional and has focused his threats on me because he believes I am the person standing in the way of his imagined relationship with H. Maria Berry, my client," Cirrincione stated.

According to the documents, Broussard has tied up Cirrincione's phone lines with a series of harassing calls, including one in which he claimed that "God told him to marry Ms. Berry."

Broussard has also informed Cirrincione that Berry "won't leave him alone," and "comes to speak to him in his dreams, and tells him that he must pursue her."

Sounds like someone could use a prescription for some heavy-duty tranquilizers.

In the meantime, Berry, Cirrincione and Berry's publicist, Karen Samfilippo were granted temporary restraining orders against Broussard. A court hearing on the matter was set for June 7 in Los Angeles.

Berry doesn't have the most fortunate track record when it comes to romantic attachments. Last month, she filed for divorce from husband Eric Benét, after separating from him in October.

Her first marriage to baseball star David Justice ended in 1996, but not amicably. During divorce proceedings, Berry put in a request for a restraining order against Justice, claiming her ex was harassing her.

Earlier this year, former Berry beau Christopher Williams publicly denounced fellow Berry ex Wesley Snipes as the man who hit the actor so hard that she lost most of the hearing in her right ear.

Williams said he was sick of being accused of being a Berry beater; Berry, for her part, has never divulged the identity of her attacker. Snipes did not comment on the allegation.

The unlucky-in-love star will next be seen on the big screen opposite Benjamin Bratt in Catwoman, opening July 23.

The two have teamed up again for director Sidney Lumet's The Set-Up, currently in production.

That's not all on Berry's plate--she's also signed onto Lee Tamahori's action-thriller, The Guide, and will voice a character in the CGI-animated film Robots.

Still ahead is a starring role in director Patricia Cardosa's Nappily Ever After, as well as an Oprah-and-Quincy-produced made-for-television version of Zora Neale Hurston's classic novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.