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Pop quiz: what do a gun shot, a shady past and a new big bad have in common?

They are all part of today's Spoiler Chat, which includes scoop on a big Vampire Diaries reveal, a potentially fatal event on Revenge and a murderous villain heading to Supernatural. Oh, and we've also got scoop on one of the The Blacklist's many mysteries, Castle's Miley Cyrus connection, Suburgatory and more!

Gabby: Love your TV couples tournament! I'm voting until my fingers bleed! How about I get some scoop on some of your own favorite TV couples?
You want spoilers on Monica and Chandler from Friends? OK! Monica is going to have the surprise of a lifetime after Chandler finds out that she booked a wedding venue way before he even pops the question! Alright, enough jokes. How about an actual piece of info about one of our favorite married couples on television right now? To spice up their relationship, these two will pose as cheating spouses who are having an affair with each other and they'll try and sneak into an expensive hotel for their role-playing. We don't want to reveal who the couple is, but here are a couple hints: the couple is on a comedy, and the comedy has been on the air for longer than two seasons. Narrows down the choices a little bit, right? Happy guessing!

Beth: What is Nadia's deal on The Vampire Diaries?! Is she a Traveller?! Is she a vampire?! I need answers.
All valid questions that we will be getting answers to…eventually. "At this point we're not really sure what her powers are. They say that she is a traveler but then she did say ‘I don't really travel, I kind of do my own thing,'" Olga Fonda teases. "I think we get to know exactly who she is and what she is in upcoming episodes. She's still a mystery at this point."

Cory: Revenge is SO good this season! What's coming up for my favorite Hamptonites?!
Want to learn more about Aiden? You're in luck! A gorgeous, sexy and strong woman from his past named Niko will be introduced later this season as a nurse at a hospital. Why are they reunited at a hospital? A major shooting will be going down! Gulp!

Emily: In desperate need of Supernatural spoilers!
In an episode fittingly titled "First Born," fans will meet a retired demon named Cain, who was known as the Father of Murder who used to train the Knights of Hell. So what made him quit the game? Love! But Cain may be sticking around for a bit, so we're thinking he could return to his old ways…


ABC/Mark Levine

Denise: The Blacklist is my favorite new show of the season! I need to know who has been spying on Tom and Liz ASAP!
Prepare for answers, just not right away! "That will unquestionably come into play, who they are and why they're watching and the sort of Big Brother element to it," Ryan Eggold teases of Tom and Liz's Peeping Toms. But when will we learn exactly what's going on?! "At some point over the next six episodes we will get into that. They will definitely answer who these guys are and why they're watching."

Jarod P.: Nashville is getting better and better! It's actually my favorite drama on TV right now, if you can believe it. So what's ahead?
Rayna and Teddy are definitely over, but there will be a couple moments in an upcoming episode that will make her wonder if she made the right choice. It won't open the door for those two making up, but let's just say a window will be cracked. Meanwhile, the press will give Juliette a label that will manage to crack her tough-as-nails exterior. And yes , it has something to do with Charles Wentworth.

Esther in Boston: Looking for spoilers on Castle or Bones, please and thanks!
How about Castle? Miley Cyrus is guest starring in an upcoming episode! OK, she's absolutely not but Beckett will have a case revolving around a pop star that is very Miley-esque. Beckett and Castle will have to put any wedding planning on hold when a sexy and successful pop star becomes a target of a deranged individual due to her wild child persona. The real-life Miley might want to watch the episode in case Castle can predict the future.

Aisha: Suburgatory scoop, please! Any chance Dallas and George will get back together?
We're not going to sugarcoat it for you: the chances of those two reconciling anytime soon are slim to none. More like none. How do we know? Because season three will bring a new love interest for George in the form of a single mom who he meets while touring colleges with Tessa. They will have instant chemistry, and he'll even invite this woman and her son over for game night! Whoa, things are getting serious pretty quickly if they are already having game nights…

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