Bob Levey/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

We don't know much about sports, but we know a "hat trick" means three goals in one game, which is the least of what Ciara's look can claim.

The "I'm Out" singer is never one to shy away from body flaunting fashion, but this Alon Livne gown (if we can even call it that, given how little fabric there is...) may be the furthest she's ever gone. We count three elements of sexy style in the one barely there design: see-through fabric, a massive leg slit, and peep holes everywhere!

We usually see a sheer panel here or there, but this skirt is totally transparent! And to make matters hotter, it's showcasing some high-cut skivvies underneath. Even if the fabric was solid, we'd see plenty thanks to the giant right leg slit. Though, is it still a slit if it goes all the way to the waist line?

Our favorite element of this edgy dress is the bodice design. The cut-outs are strategically placed to cover this singer's sensitive parts but still wide enough to show off everything else.

Is this triple threat borderline over-the-top? Absolutely. Do we care one bit? Nope!

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