Suzanne Somers, Alan Hamel

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Former Three's Company actress Suzanne Somers is taking on President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

In a recently penned article for the Washington Post, the ThighMaster maven slammed Obamacare calling it one big "Ponzi scheme."

Somers doesn't mince words, either.

"First of all, let's call affordable health care what it really is: It's socialized medicine," she wrote.

Somers then goes on to share a somber story about her sister-in-law who battled an illness for two months while waiting to see a general practitioner.

She revealed that her relative "spent days in bed vomiting continuously, unable to get any food or drink down" and was unable to "get an appointment with the doctor."

"All you are hearing on the news is how everyone's premiums are doubling and tripling…the whole thing is a big mess. Plus, even after Obamacare is fully implemented, there still will be tens of millions of people not covered. So what's the point?" she asked.

"Medical care will be degraded, the costs will skyrocket, and most frightening of all, your most intimate and personal information is now up for grabs."

The 67-year-old then added that her generation is going to be most hurt by Obamacare in the years to come.

"The Boomers are going to take the 'hit.' In Obamacare, 'too old' has limitations of service," she explained.

"Boomers are smart. They see the train wreck coming…most I speak with think the Affordable Care Act is a greater Ponzi scheme than that pulled off by Bernie Madoff."

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