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Are you and your group of friends still stressin' over what to be for Halloween? Sit back and relax because we're here to help!

All week long we've been giving you advice on how to dress up as your favorite TV characters come Oct. 31: Monday was all about the solo costumes, while Tuesday we offered up some of TV's best bromances to replicate. Wednesday was ladies' day, as we suggested how to dress up as BFFs from Grey's and Gossip Girl, and on Thursday we focused on the couples' costumes.

And on our final day of Halloween costume madness, we're helping you and your friends dress up as some of the small screen's most beloved groups, including the geeks on The Big Bang Theory and Pretty Little Liars' four fashionable BFFs, as well as Orphan Black's Clone Club!

Big Bang Theory

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Characters: Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj fromThe Big Bang Theory
How to Be Sheldon Cooper:
Start off with some crisp khakis or maybe some zazzy plaid pants. Grab your favorite superhero t-shirt (preferably The Flash or Green Lantern, because let's face it—they're awesome!) and if it's going to be bit chilly outside don't forget a long sleeve undershirt. Remember there are no perks to catching a cold—well except for hearing Penny song "Soft Kitty" of course.
How to Be Leonard Hoffstadter: Always comfy and consistent, it's easy super to dress up like your favorite experimental Physicist. Star off with any science-themed t-shirt and then pull out any hoodie you have from your closet.  Top off the look with a cargo jacket, jeans, and some square black-rimmed glasses and you're ready to rock out with your cello out.
How to Be Howard Wolowitz: First of all, let it be known that you need a dickie to complete this look. No dickie, no costume. Get some brightly colored pants that look like they're about two sizes too small and your favorite oversized geeky belt buckle. Lastly pick up a tight, button up shirt and some obnoxiously pattered sneakers. Start practicing your corniest pick-up lines and you'll be repelling woman in no time!
How to Be Raj Koothrappali: Hey there you handsome, Indian stallion you. To embody everyone's favorite astrophysicist, start off with a striped or collared shirt, underneath a patterned sweater. Bright colors are a must! Finish it off with a purple, green or red, zip up jacket (no hoods!) and a pair of baggy cargo pants. Bonus points if you can carry an apple-tini with you everywhere you go that night when you chat with the ladies.

Pretty Little Liars


The Characters: Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna from Pretty Little Liars
Hanna Marin: Grab your highest heels you little fashionista, you! Grab a light colored feminine and flirty dress that really enhances your, ahem, assets. Curl your hair into soft bouncy waves and don't forget to always keep your lipgloss close by. Top it all off with a fitted blazer and a designer handbag and you're ready to go.  And remember, the hallway is just a runway with lockers!
Emily Fields: Ahh, you must be the sporty one of the group. To embrace your inner Emily, grab some dark-washed skinny jeans, a cute pair of combat boots or sneakers, and your favorite comfy tank top. Throw on a fitted leather jacket or an army green cargo vest to complete your relaxed yet cool look.
Spencer Hastings: Classic and conservative, you can easily pull of Spencer's signature style with a button-up collared shirt underneath a light, fun-printed sweater. Grab a skirt and some oxford flats and you're ready to solve some mysteries. Oh and don't forget Spencer's signature knee socks!
Aria Montgomery: Dark colors, wacky patterns and strips are your best friends, so start off with some black lace shorts and your favorite skull or tiger fitted tee. Throw on a striped blazer and layer on as much funky and fun jewelry as you can. Bonus Points if they have spikes! Complete your Aria ensemble with some sky high black booties or cage heels.

New Girl, Max Greenfield, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris


The Characters: Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston from New Girl
How to Be Jess Day: The goal is to look like Etsy threw up all over you, but star with the essentials: Black glasses and bangs, then go for a poofy high-waisted skirt with a bright-colored shirt tucked in. Finally, add on some cute, bright colored accessories and a pair of tights.
How to Be Nick Miller: Paid shirt, women's khaki trench coat and a permanent turtle face and you're golden!
How to be Schmidt: Go all in and rock a crotch cast and some scruff. Bonus points if you carry around a douchebag jar and wear a thumb ring.
How to Be Winston Bishop: Suit and tie, hat made out of a garbage can and paper, with a pencil in your mouth and your beloved cat-friend in your hand.

Orphan Black

Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA

The Characters: Tatiana Maslany's clones on Orphan Black
How to Be Sarah: Sarah's got kind of an all-black punk thing going on, so you'll need a black leather jacket, black shorts, ripped black tights, and black boots, and lots of black eyeliner. Hair should be pushed to the side with a few braids and a couple of random blonde streaks.
How to Be Cosima: Cosima's the hippie-nerd, and her most distinguishing features are her dreadlocks and big dark-rimmed glasses. She also wears a nose ring and lots of boho patterns and jewelry. Wrist tattoos and illegal substances are optional.
How to Be Allison: Orphan Black's resident soccer mom is all about the bangs and the sporty headbands. Find a brightly colored long-sleeved shirt, yoga pants, sneakers, a puffy white vest, and a whistle and stopwatch to wear around your neck, and you're all ready to coach your kids' soccer team. You can also ditch the vest for an ice blue fleece jacket that reads "Baily Downs Ice Queens," if you'd rather coach figure skating. Optional: Hot glue gun.
How to Be Helena: Helena is completely bonkers, as indicated by her ridiculous hair: crazy bleached crimps and horribly neglected brown roots. Get a white tank top, some black jeans, and a giant dark green winter coat, and top off the look with a  decapitated Barbie doll or a terrifying jagged fish knife.


Michele K. Short/FX

The Characters: Jessica Lange's three characters from American Horror Story
How to Be Constance from American Horror Story: Think glamorous '50s housewife: Blonde hair swept up in a perfect updo, a flattering yet modet floral dress and a cigarette perched in your hand.
How to Be Sister Jude from AHS: Asylum: Sexy nun alert! Just buy a nun costume and wear red lingerie underneath, you bad, bad girl.
How to Be Fiona from AHS: Coven: All black everything! You'll need a tailored jacket that fits you like a glove and a sexy black mini skirt to match. Throw on some black pantyhose and witchy black heels and rock a fierce red lip. Cigarette and/or umbrella optional, as is a witch hat (Fiona has quite the sense of humor).

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