How to Create Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries Halloween Makeup Looks—Watch Now!

Makeup experts share video tutorials on how to create looks based on popular television characters

By Rose Curiel Oct 25, 2013 7:09 PMTags

Dressing up as your favorite TV character this Halloween but wish you had the help of the show's makeup artists to create your costume?

While there are many things to fear come Oct. 31, not being able to channel the stars of the small screen definitely isn't one of them! We've tapped top beauty guru's to teach us how to bring some of our favorite characters—we're talking Breaking Bad's Walter White, Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen and the Vampire Diaries' bloodsuckers—to life with the help makeup products you probably already own.

But if you're disguising yourself in a more traditional costume this holiday, our makeup experts also have a few tips for everything from creating decaying skin to making sure you're not a melted mess by evening's end.

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SmashinBeauty helps bring out our inner Walter White, while also helping out ghouls and goblins who might be on a budget:

Firm Foundation: "It doesn't matter if it's Halloween makeup or just normal everyday makeup, the key to a good foundation is a good face primer. My favorite face primer is from Benefit the POREfessional. Not only does it help smooth out your skin but it hides those pores we all hate."

Scary Savings: "If you are on a budget, the best thing to do is to buy a Halloween makeup kit, which you can find in your local drugstore. You get everything you need for a very reasonable price. If you are using latex for a Halloween makeup look, make sure to use cream colors, since water based colors will not adhere to latex. I personally use and love Kryolan's 6 colour wheel rainbow."

Trick or Twerk: "If in doubt about what to wear for Halloween, you can always put a BIG teddy bear on your back and twerk it like Miley Cyrus!!! Guaranteed a fun time!"

Dress up as your preferred Mystic Falls vamp with these handy pointers from Nikkie Tutorials, who also shares advice for making your Halloween makeup last through the night:

Past the Witching Hour:"Want to make your Halloween makeup creation last all night long? Hairspray is your answer! Close your eyes and spray a little bit on your face. The hairspray will act as a hardcore finishing spray, and keeps your look intact all night long."

Wigging Out "Bought a cheap wig for your Halloween costume, and you want the synthetic shine to tone down a bit? Try misting a layer of dry shampoo on it. It'll keep the excessive, synthetic shine away."

Scary Vision: "Want to wear special effects contact lenses on Halloween? Make sure you practice putting them in a couple of times before Halloween. This way on the big night itself you're not struggling and ending up with bloodshot eyes, which actually might be awesome for your look as well!"

Michelle Phan teaches us how to recreate Game of Thrones' ethereal Daenerys Stormborn, while also cluing us in on how to create creepier looks:

There Will Be Blood: "To create blood spatters on nails, use tape around your nails and then take a thin straw and dip nail polish in it.  Then blow the nail polish onto your nail to create blood spatters." 

 Dead Serious: "To create decaying skin, apply liquid latex then layer Kleenex tissue paper on top of it, and another layer of liquid latex. You can leave it as it is for texture or peel the tissue paper off to create a "broken" skin effect. Then mix corn syrup with black and blue coloring and apply as blood. Add corn starch to thicken the blood if necessary."