Finally, there's something to watch!

After a lot of waiting and even more anticipation, fans were treated to a very short but also exciting teaser trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past on Instagram. "Watch this exclusive X-Men: Days of Future Past sneak peek & stay tuned for the world premiere of the full trailer on Oct 29: Join director Bryan Singer for a Twitter chat on Oct 28 #AskSinger," the caption read.

The 11-second clip (yeah, 11 seconds!) is jam-packed with action shots from the film, forcing you to hold off that blink for just another second longer. But in case you miss something, it instantly plays a second time (so technically, the clip is about five seconds long).

Regardless, the teaser trailer features a montage of scenes from the film, and still manages to highlight every main character from the film.

Jennifer Lawrence, who plays mutant shapeshifter Mystique, first appears crying a single tear before turning into badass mode and busting some very impressive martial arts moves (seriously, she almost kneed herself in the face). Hugh Jackman flaunted Wolverine's ripped body in what looked like a fight sequence, Halle Berry got electric as Storm and Nicholas Hoult bared his wolf fangs in his role as Hank McCoy/Beast.

X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn't hit theaters until May 2014, but you can catch the official trailer on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

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