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Watch out Cersei (Lena Headey), there's a new Queen making heads roll on the small screen this fall!

One of our favorite new shows of the season, we've described the CW's Reign as the perfect Game of Thrones-Gossip Girl hybrid, giving us political intrigue, cutthroat politics and juicy love triangles all wrapped up in one seriously gorgeous package. (Have you seen the clothes?!) But another similarity between Reign and Game of Thrones? The strong, manipulative and b--chtastic Queens calling the shots from the shadows. GOT has Cersei and Reign has Queen Catherine (Megan Follows), who will do whatever it takes to ensure her son Prince Francis' (Toby Regbo) safety and place on the throne.

We chatted with the Anne of Green Gables star about her wicked new role on one of the fall's hottest new series, which is courting some controversy after taking some liberties with the story of Mary Queen of Scot's (Adelaide Kane) ascent to the throne...

After we compared Queen Catherine to Game of Thrones' Cersei, highlighting their manipulative moves and fierce devotion to their sons, Follows laughed and admitted, "I'm a big Game of Thrones fan!"

So if it came down to it, which lady would end up on top in a fight? "That would be tough, I don't know who'd you put your money on in that one," Follows said. "Personally, I think Catherine is an extraordinary politician and negotiator on some level and was, so I think my money is on me!"

And while some may view Catherine as evil, a "misunderstood" word, Follows explained it's all about survival. "We're talking about a very precarious position because as a woman my survival is really predicated on whether my husband being king or my son," she said. "And even my husband has made It very known that he has someone else. It's a really dangerous position. It's about surviving."

In tonight's episode, Catherine's survival skills will be put on display as she "learns someone knows about my plot to eliminate Mary and I'm going to pretty much stop at nothing to make sure they're silent," Follows previewed, adding that viewers will also learn more about the "fascinating" dynamic between Catherine and Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland). In the premiere, he prophesized that a marriage to Mary would result in Francis' death, a vision that sent Catherine into lethal action.

"He's not in agreement with her methods, but he understands completely her motivation," she teased. "They know a lot about each other. What gets revealed and what becomes interesting too are the secrets that he has that I am perhaps not aware of."


Joss Barratt/The CW

Prior to its series premiere last Thursday, Reign made headlines after the network trimmed down a masturbation scene featuring Caitlin Stasey's character Kenna, one of Mary's handmaidens. While Follows said she understood why the CW had to cut down the scene, she admitted she was "disappointed"

"It was not gratuitous," she explained. "We're talking about an implication of something...I thought there were something quite powerful in young women having that right and knowing how to masturbate. I guess I'm just surprised by what a taboo it still is."

Also a bit surprising to Follows was the Internet's strong reaction to the series having its way with history, accuracy be damned! "On the one hand, I was a little surprised because it never claimed to be a historical drama," she said. "I had a strong sense of the playfulness of what this piece was. It was using the structure of a time in history somewhat and the people to then really have a rich, playful storyline that was going to have its own entity separate from history."

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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