Paul McCartney got by with a little help from his friends (and then some).

Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Jude Law and Jeremy Irons are among the gaggle of celebrities hanging out with the former Beatle in London's historic Abbey Road Studios in the just released music video for his song, "Queenie Eye."

As McCartney sits down at the piano to play the seriously catchy diddy, the second single off his aptly titled new studio album, New, his pals appear one by one, the first of whom is Depp. The actor stands at the baby grand's base listening to "Queenie Eye" on headphones.

Moss, whom the 50-year-old actor famously dated for four years in the '90s, pops up later in the clip, though the two never interact as they're too busy rocking out to Macca along with Star Trek stars Chris Pine and Alice Eve, who also make notable appearances (the latter splays herself across the piano).

Of course, Abbey Road is the legendary place where McCartney and the Fab Four recorded many of their classic hits.

So it's pretty easy to feel the energy and excitement in the room as the 71-year-old music legend's rendition of the bouncy tune gets the giddy group, including Streep, up and dancing and turned the place into one big party.

"Queenie eye, queenie eye who's got the ball/I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket/O-U-T spells out that's out/Without a shadow of a doubt," croons McCartney.

In a behind the scenes video released online earlier this week, Sir Paul said the lyrics were inspired by a street game he used to play as a kid in Liverpool.

For his part, Depp was thrilled to be part of the music video.

"Being in that room—and especially being in that room with Paul—is quite a rush because that's the room that changed the world," gushed the Hollywood star. "To have a collection of masterpieces under your belt and the fact that he has been doing it for as long as he's been doing it with the passion that he has for it…it's always new for him. He still gets excited about it. He's still curious. There's only one."

McCartney has been making the media rounds this month promoting the new set, which is garnering acclaim from critics. The former moptop turned up in New York City last week where he surprised tourists in Times Square with a mini-concert and also gave a master class to a bunch of high school students in Queens.

McCartney's New is in stores now.

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