Courtney Stodden's Bikini-Clad Beach Stroll Photobombed by Nuns—See for Yourself!

Reality star was in a black thong swimsuit in Malibu

By Lily Harrison Oct 23, 2013 10:12 PMTags
Courtney StoddenGlen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Courtney Stodden will stop at nothing to show off her bikini body.

Case in point? The reality star stripped down to nothing but a black thong and swimsuit top during a particularly warm day in Malibu recently.

And while Courtney's curves usually grab all the attention, for once we're actually more focused on what is going on in the background.

Are we seeing nuns strolling along the beach behind the 19-year-old?

Why, yes it certainly appears that way. 

Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner

There have been plenty of awesome photobombs lately, but this one takes the cake.

Surely the two ladies couldn't have been that shocked to see so much skin—they were on the beach after all!

But we imagine that Courtney's bare backside left them a little, um, stunned.

The blond star paid no mind to the beachgoers and strutted her stuff for the cameras regardless.

Something tells us the random run-in is going to end up in the confessional!