Katy Perry

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Is Katy Perry about to step on stage for a S&M-themed vaudeville show or is she slinking out into the night?

We know the Part of Me star is no stranger to sexy styleshe frequently wears sequined bra tops as if they're a legitimate shirt. But this all-black combo is taking things to a different kind of sexy placethe kind we feel like we have to talk about in whispers.

Our concern starts with that silk bustier. Yes, both boobs are covered, but not by much, and the deep sweetheart neckline has a distinct bedroom wear feel. Then there's that black pleated skirt with its slightly school girl shape. It's way longer than what we'd envision a lady of the night rocking, making us second guess our suspicion.

But in our opinion, it all ends with the above-the-knee boots. Sorry Katy, but you can't wear those with a corset and not except a "streetwalker" call.

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