TV Couples

Prepare for battle 'cause we're launching the most competitive 'ship race ever!

That's right, we're once again on a mission to find TV's Top Couple. But this time we decided to up the ante: We're out to find, once and for all, which pairing is TV's Best Couple of All-Time! Yes, we're having some of the small screen's most iconic couples (Buffy's Buffy and Angel [or Spike]! Lost's Kate and Jack! Cheers' Sam and Diane!) face off against duos currently steaming up the screen with their chemistry (Bones' Booth and Brennan! The Vampire Diaries' Damon (or Stefan) and Elena! Glee's Kurt and Blaine!)

But before the tournament officially kicks off, we're going to need your help deciding which 64 couples deserve a slot in the competition...

Now, listen up 'cause there are some guidelines: The nominated pairings have to be (or had to be) a legitimate couple who has at least kissed on the show. So not characters you wish had been together or are currently hoping getting together. (This is what fan fiction is for.)

And because this is looking for TV's all-time top couple, the pair can be from any show that aired in any year, cable or network, currently on or off the air, so go crazy all you Leave It to Beaver fans who still consider June and Ward TV's best parents! And Friday Night Lights fans should feel free to nominate Eric and Tami Taylor as many times as they want.

With the formalities out of the way, it's time for you to head on down to the comments and nominate your all-time favorite TV couples who you feel deserve a spot in the tournament. Then, check back with us on Wednesday, Oct. 23, to vote in the first round of the tournament, which will find 64 pairings duking it out for the top prize. But remember to play nice with other fandoms! Remember, we're all TV fans here.

If you'd rather nominate your favorite couple on Twitter, tweet your picks to @kristindsantos with the hash tag #BestTVCouple! Happy voting!

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