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When it comes to Homeland, it seems there are two teams: Team "Season Two Was Terrible" and Team "Season Two Was Kind of Terrible." Now that we are four episodes deep into season three, we thought we'd check in with fans to see if you guys think the ship has been righted or if you're thisclose to DVR deletion.

Sunday night's episode came with a twist ending that might have reeled fans back in after three solid but pretty slow episodes. After telling Saul (Mandy Patinki) to eff off and basically losing her mind for all the public to see, Carrie (Claire Danes) decided to side with a terrorist organization and help them find out how the CIA took out those seven men in the season premiere. But in a bait and switch, it was revealed in the end that this was all a plan between Carrie and Saul to bring them closer to Majid Javadi.  

According to showrunner Alex Gansa's interview with, Carrie and Saul hatched this plan the very next day after the Langley bomb went off. So essentially, everything that happened this season was all a well-thought out facade to bring Javadi's people to Carrie.

"I think they decided the very next day after the bomb went off. Carrie and Saul were culpable in what happened, and they were looking for some way to make good, to make it right, to get the guy who was ultimately responsible," Gansa said. "They began to hatch the plan right then to figure out how to lure the bad guy of the season, Javadi, out of his anonymity in Iran."

Cynics would say that this reveal was a last-ditch effort to bring some twists back to Homeland, while others loved the ending and are back onboard the crazy Carrie train. But what do you guys think? Are you buying into this Homeland twist and excited about what's happening next? Or are you bordering on just giving up on the Showtime drama series?

And don't even get us started on the Dana (Morgan Saylor) storyline. Her official name is Dana "The Worst" Brody. Is anyone out there enjoying her spiral into stupidity? Raise your hand, don't be shy. This is a safe place.

It seems the ratings are staying solid for Homeland, with the premiere episode bringing in 2.6 million viewers (a 26 percent raise from last year's season-two opener). Since then, rating have been tapering, but in an expected, normal kind of way and not in an "uh-oh, this show is bleeding viewers" kind of way.

Let's hash it out, gang. Is Homeland on the way back into your good graces? Or is it a sinking ship that you are preparing to jump?

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