All About Kim Kardashian's Pilates Plus Workout—Watch the Video!

Fitness expert discusses reality star's favorite fast-paced fitness routine to tone up and slim down

By Jennifer Chan Oct 21, 2013 7:11 PMTags
Watch: Kim K.'s Instructor Shares Pilates Workout

It goes without saying that Kim Kardashian has been looking hotter than ever, just months after giving birth to adorable baby North.

The new mom, who celebrates her 33rd birthday today, has been flaunting her figure in a range of sexy ensembles including a revealing white swimsuit and a pair of denim shorts, proving that she's feeling good and loving the attention so far.

So how did she bounce back so beautifully?

The star has opened up about her Atkins diet, which has contributed to her weight loss, and we also know she's been mixing up her workouts and hitting the gym regularly to break a sweat.

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One of her go-to fitness favorites is Pilates Plus in Studio City, Calif., where she trains with Kristi Vacanti from time to time to tone up her bod in minutes flat.

We stopped by the sleek studio and got the scoop from Vacanti on this effective and results-driven workout, which is ideal for new moms who are short on time but hoping to see a big difference fast.

"Pilates Plus is a fusion of pilates, weight training and circuit training and it's done to muscle failure with very little transition to keep your heart rate up," Vacanti explains of the fast-paced, full-body workout.

Vacanti tells us there are plenty of intense moves performed to really target most women's trouble areas: the core and the butt, which is what she focuses on when training Kanye West's ladylove.

"She's into toning and sculpting and getting in as much of a workout as she can in 55 minutes. People want to come in and get in a quick, fast-paced, calorie-burning workout in as little amount of time as possible."

All we can say is it's totally working!

Keep it up, Kim! 

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