Lady Gaga Artpop

This is certainly one way to get some added attention when it comes to your new single.

Lady Gaga's latest tune, "Do What U Want," featuring R. Kelly, was released at midnight.

But just prior to that, Mother Monster decided to go on a bit of a Twitter rant on Sunday and addressed some of the negative things that have been said about her.

Not too terribly surprising, of course, seeing how the song does include the lyrics, "Write what you want, say what you want about me/If you're wonderin' know that I'm not sorry."

Here are just a few of the tweets the singer posted:

"MADONNA HATES GAGA SHES OVER...i dont need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not."

"APPLAUSE didn't DEBUT AT #1 KATY [PERRY] IS BETTER THAN HER!...I write for the music not the charts."

"GOD HATES LADY GAGA!...ill always fight for equality, got my own relationship with God."

"LADY GAGA IS ON DRUGS! HER CAREER IS OVER! (been an addict for 10 years)...My recovery is a daily battle."

As for the song, it is the second single off her upcoming album ARTPOP, scheduled to be released on Nov. 11.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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