Things just got complicated for a man accused of stalking Avril Lavigne.

Police arrested Seattle resident James Speedy and jailed him for investigation of stalking, after searching his home--the very same day the diminutive punkette rocker was playing a free concert for a crowd of 4,000 at an area mall.

There has been no word on what Lavigne-related paraphernalia was discovered to fuel police suspicions that Speedy had perhaps more than just a passing fancy for the 19-year-old musician.

However, Seattle police said they have been on the case since last summer, when officers from Lavigne's native Ontario, Canada, contacted them regarding some nasty missives received by the singer and her family.

Detective Jerry Reiner would not discuss the content of the messages but said that they scared the "I'm with You" singer.

Speedy, 30, posted $5,000 bail and was released.

Lavigne is currently in the midst of her 21-date Top Secret Mall Tour in promotion of her second album, Under My Skin, due out May 25.

Upcoming undercover concerts will take place in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver and Houston. Lavigne will wrap up the tour with a show in an as-yet-undisclosed mall in Dallas on Apr. 15.

Lavigne's first album, Let Go, sold about 14 million copies worldwide and provided the Britney generation with an edgier alternative, thanks to pop-grunge anthems such as "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boi."

Her hefty debut earned the heavily eyelined teen five Grammy nominations in 2003, but she wound up losing across the board.

However, Lavigne didn't stay down for long. Last May, "Sk8er Boi," her ode to love in the skateboard lane, was optioned by Paramount to serve as inspiration for a movie bearing the same name.

Now if she can just ditch the stalker boi, all will be mad chill, eh?

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