The Walking Dead

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Ah, The Walking Dead. It's just like a trip to the spa, isn't it?

Except it isn't like that at all, and fills us with such a sense of utter dread and hopelessness and fear and horror, we feel we are losing our minds watching this damn show...And yet, we cannot get enough!

Episode two of season four airs Sunday night, and we finally get to see why that poor, Harry Potter-looking, wide-eyed boy Patrick is no longer among the living. Plus, the latest on Farmer Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) intentions to stay away from zombie drama. We asked for your burning Q's via Twitter, and here are five answers. There are mild spoilers. You have been warned!

Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

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@alovelybean: Is Daryl going to call Carol "pookie" in return?
Sorry, pookie, but no. There's definitely some palpable attraction and flirtation coming up, but for the time being, they are both very much focused on the new threat, which is coming at them from all sides.

@AnnMightSay:  Is Rick going to find out about Carol´s classes?
Yes. And his reaction might surprise you. Suffice to say, Rick is going to start to shift his priorities in the next episode, as he figures out what's up with the deadly virus, the piggies, and the ever-growing posse of zombies who are tearing down the prison fence. In the next episode, the piggies help solve one of those big problems.  

@AnnMightSay: Is Carol going to own up her obvious attraction to Daryl?
Not any time soon, but they do share a moment in the next episode where it's pretty obvious they are each other's "person."


Glenn Rhee, Steven Yeun, Maggie Greene, Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead

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@ilariacapasso: Are Maggie and Glenn getting married this season?
Not in the next few episodes, but, unsubstantiated theory alert! We are convinced Maggie is pregnant, based on the way Glenn is treating her. And you saw him checking out the baby announcement in the supply store in episode one, right? In case you don't know what happens in the books, Maggie gets pregnant and things do not end well for Glenn, so here's hoping new boss Scott Gimple is rewriting history. And sparing Glenn, for the love of his underappreciated hotness!

@BMA33 53m: Did the virus mutate? #TheWalkingDead
Not exactly. But it is deadly. And you know what happens when people die in the world of The Walking Dead. They become angels who flit around on clouds, whispering sweet words of encouragement to the needy. Oh wait. Not that. They  become walkers. And if you have no idea who is turning into a walker at any given time, or where, the prison becomes a very different place.

What are you most hoping for in the upcoming episodes? And, yo, if you have any zombie-virus-preventing flu shots, Fed Ex them to the prison, OK? Rick and his crew could use a little immunity boost.

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