Pretty Little Liars, Halloween

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Trick or treat!

The annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode is only a few days away, and we know that you're just dying to be reunited with your favorite foursome. After enduring that mind-blowing summer finale, in which we discovered that Ezra could be A, we're left with so many questions about what lies ahead.

We've already traveled to the dark and dangerous town of Ravenswood—meaning we've seen the spooky two-hour special—and chatted with the cast and creators of Pretty Little Liars to discuss the shocking twists and turns.

Since many of you love PLL as much as we do, we've decided to put our tarot cards away and find out exactly what you want to know about the costume-filled episode. We've answered 13 of your burning questions via Twitter to get you even more excited for all heart-pounding thrills, jaw-dropping chills and more!

1. ForeverHale_: Is the Halloween episode shocking?
Shocking is most definitely an understatement. Executive producer Marlene King promises it'll be a night you'll never forget: "You can't miss it. You can't not tune in. It's by far the best Halloween episode we've ever done, but it's also the most unforgettable episode of Pretty Little Liars that you could imagine. It's sort of what we've all been waiting for. There's something that happens in this episode that we've all been waiting to see." Getting excited yet?!

2. Inadazeamanda: Is Ezra trying to help them or hurt them?
Both. The liars will be chased around for the majority of the episode by our masked A, but at the most convenient time Ezra (Ian Harding) will appear to save the day. Or so it seems…

3. SpencerTheHBIC: Is it a super episode for Spencer?
Considering Spencer is the glue that keeps this group together, we'd definitely describe her as super, but there is one scene in particular where fans will see just how much of a bad-ass Spencer really is. Let's just say there's a Spencer-"A" showdown and she most definitely can hold her own against a murderous pyscho…

Pretty Little Liars, Halloween

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

4. SleepntheHrding: We know Ezra is shady, but are there any sweet Ezria moments when he's actually being Ezra and not EzrA?
According to King, we're going to be getting a little bit of everything in this Halloween episode. "You're gonna get some Ali, you're gonna get some Ezra, you're gonna get some Ezria," The EP promises. "You're going to get a lot of fantastic costumes, and wardrobe, and creepy, and scary, and story. The story moves forward too, so it's not just like scary creepy, it's like big PLL story."

5. Iansgoose: What's one thing Lucy can say to describe Arias relationship with Ezra this season?
Lucy Hale tells us there will be a "change in dynamics" between Ezra and Aria in season 4B. Stay tuned for more Ezria scoop following the Halloween episode…

6. TeamDamon7: Is more than one person wearing the soldier costume that Ezra is wearing?
Ooh! Someone knows the pretty little tricks! Like we've seen in the past with our mysterious Red Coat, there is more than one soldier costume running around the Ravenswood cemetery bash. Pay attention to his face because you'll be seeing him on your TV screens quite a bit over the next few months!

Pretty Little Liars, Halloween

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

7. Vaish96x: Is Alison alive?
We can't tell you that! But we can tell you what executive producer Oliver Goldstick told us: "The Halloween episode is very much about the girls pursuing Alison in this town, because Alison has a connection to this place." He teases, "It's really cool, by the end of the Halloween episode you'll be saying, 'Oh. My. God. Alison DiLaurentis…'"

8. Justinebenard: Will Ezra hurt one of the girls since he is ''A''?
We cannot confirm nor deny that Ezra is officially "A," but we can reveal that one of the girls does get pretty badly hurt in the episode. Hint: It's not Emily (Shay Mitchell)…

9. Emmapants: Is there ever going to be a real fallout from that time Spencer thought Toby was evil & dead and it drove her crazy?
Well, now it's Spencer's turn. Prepare yourselves for the traditional ups and downs of Spoby! Troian Bellario tells us that Spencer is going to be facing a stressful upcoming season and Toby (Keegan Allen) is going to support her as much as she'll let him. "Spoby just fights all the time," the actress says. "But that's Spoby—they're super passionate right? They're either kissing or fighting." Classic steamy Spoby!

10. Pietersely: Does Sasha think Ali can become friends again with the girls, in case she's alive?
Once again we can't tell you if Ali is alive, but we can tell you that Sasha Pierterse is eager for fans to see more of her when the series returns this winter. "You find out if I'm alive or dead in the Halloween special, and it's just a very fun, spooky, spooky episode," she reveals. "The second half of the fourth season is honestly my favorite part of our whole entire show that we've ever done. I think we've just kind of stepped up our game a lot, and I'm just very excited for the viewers to see it."

11. CKaderabek: Do they find out who A really is?
No, but they do discover the answer to a mystery that we've all been wondering about for the past four seasons.

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Pretty Little Liars, Halloween

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

12. Arianafor3ver: Who do you think is going to get tortured the most by A?
Well, last season and in the Halloween episode that would definitely be Hanna (Ashley Benson), but in 4B King tells us that it's time to torture a new little liar. "Oh it's payback time for Aria. You know we say A is an equal opportunity terrorist, and it's Aria's turn to really go through the ringer."

13. Txangelwolf: I don't watch PLL. Do I have to watch it to be able to enjoy Ravenswood? Also, is it more supernatural based than PLL?
Great question! You can jump right into the darkness and drama of Ravenswood without having any prior PLL knowledge. As for the world of the supernatural, let's just say that's not uncommon to see a ghost or two walking around Ravenswood at night. Be warned: This show will give you goosebumps!

Don't miss the thrilling two-hour Halloween special of Pretty Little Liars Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on ABC Family!

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What you you most excited to see in the Halloween special? Do you think Ali could be alive? Are still heartbroken that Ezra could be "A"? Tell us your pretty little thoughts in the comments below!

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