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Well, this is certainly unexpected.

While the lovely ladies of Sex and the City are famous for showing off their bangin' bods in a bevy of high-fashion looks (you remember Samantha's crop tops, right?!), it turns out one of the stars was asked to lose weight before filming the movie based on the hit series...and you'll never guess who!

Certainly not Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw and is known for her petite frame, or Kim Cattrall, who starred as Samantha Jones and regularly flaunted her washboard abs on the hit series.

But what about Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York, or Cynthia Nixen, who starred as Miranda Hobbs?

Sex and the City

Melinda Sue Gordon/Columbia Pictures

Nope, it's not them,'s Chris Noth!

Yep, the man who played Mr. Big and broke Bradshaw's heart before the couple finally said "I Do" in the Sex and the City film was asked to lose weight before shooting began for the 2008 flick.

Which, was particularly important considering the moniker of Noth's character.

"When we were doing the movie of Sex and the City, Michael Patrick King came up to me and said, 'Listen, dude, we're not calling you Mr. Big because of the size of your stomach, so go lose that before we start shooting,'" Noth admitted while speaking with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Don't feel bad if you didn't guess correctly (neither did we!).

Were you surprised by Noth's confession? Tell us in the comments!

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