Matt Bomer, Kelly and Michael


Matt Bomer and his family take Halloween very, very seriously. The White Collar actor made an appearance on Live! With Kelly & Michael on Monday, Oct. 14, where he shared a picture from a previous year's festivities.

In the adorable snapshot, Bomer dressed up as Woody from Disney's Toy Story, while his partner, PR executive Simon Halls, slipped into a Buzz Lightyear costume. Their three sons—Henry, Walker and Kit—morphed into a trio of superheroes when they put on Batman, Spider-Man and Flash get-ups.

"We get into it," said Bomer, 36. "You have to be serious in our neighborhood because everyone gets into it. So, you have to keep up with the Joneses."

Bomer's boys have chosen equally cool costumes this year. "Two of them are going to be Ninja Turtles, and one is going to be a zombie football player," the Magic Mike star said. As for what he'll wear, Bomer said, "I usually let [the kids] dictate what I'm going to be."

Last year, the actor's children wanted him to dress up as a "zombie lunch lady." Because Hurricane Sandy occurred during the holiday, however, he was able to opt out. As the blue-eyed hunk joked, "I'm kind of glad I didn't have to come up with that one!"

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