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Today's Spoiler Chat is all about the fellas.

Not only do we have juicy scoop on the Winchester brothers' sex lives that we think Supernatural fans will be very interested in hearing, we've also got the details on two new guys coming to shake things up on two of TV's witchiest shows: American Horror Story: Coven and The Originals (which we've included some exclusive casting info on that Pretty Little Liars might enjoy). We've also got scoop on The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Arrow and more...

Maureen: Trophy Wife is so cute and is definitely my new favorite comedy of the season. I'll take any info I can on what's coming up!
Break out your formal attire, because there's going to be a wedding! OK, not your fanciest duds, because this ceremony is being held on a playground, as Bert is set to marry one of his schoolmates. All together now: Awww!

Tyler: Any Supernatural spoilers?
Break out your old Madonna records, because the boys are feeling like virgins. No, really! In an upcoming episode, Jeremy Carver reveals "the boys become born-again virgins." In another "fun" ep, Dean finds he can talk to animals. Jensen Ackles with a puppy?! Must-see TV, people!

Becca: Love that AHS: Coven is all about the ladies this year! But do you guys have any scoop on the guys, like Denis O'Hare's creepy silent butler?
"It's a different season in that it's very, very female heavy," Ryan Murphy explains, "but Denis O'Hare will speak, he eventually does." We're also hearing he'll have a sex scene later in the season. As for Coven's other men, Murphy spills, "The men stuff really kicks in around episode six, that's when Danny Huston comes on board with a really great adult love story that I'm quite proud of."

Stacey: Loving The Originals! Got any scoop?
Davina is getting a love interest! The powerful witch currently locked in Marcel's attic will find some time for romance when Pretty Little Liars' Shane Coffey guest stars, we can exclusively reveal. Unfortunately, Tim has a run-in with Klaus and that will probably go as well as you'd expect it to.

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Justin: The Walking Dead premiere was oddly unsettling, because it seems like life in the prison is pretty great. Except for the fact that there is a zombie among them. So what's next?
As you probably guessed, things don't get better from here. Creator Robert Kirkman confirmed our fears when we chatted with him about season four. "It is escalating I guess to a certain extent, but that's because as the characters move further and further away from civilization, they're going to start encountering more and more dangerous people," he tells us. "That's not by accident. Things do get a little bit harsher. But it's a violent world and we have to realistically portray that or people won't buy this story. And to that, people gots to die, I always say. And they have to die in horrific ways. So it's going to be pretty gruesome in some ways, but it's always about character at its core. As long as we maintain the show's humanity, I don't feel that we lose our way. "

Tom in Boston: Loving this season of Sons! What's happening in this week's episode?
On tonight's Sons of Anarchy, Tara is getting lots of heat from the DA to turn on the club, but she'll find a surprising way out of that pressure cooker. Plus, Jax will make a very shocking announcement to the guys. And guess who makes a triumphant return? 

Lee: Any idea who the big bad of Arrow's second season is? It's going to be hard to top the Dark Archer!
"There are actually two," Stephen Amell says when asked if there is a big bad of season two, but the actor played coy when pressed for detail. He would say, "A lot happens in the first nine episodes, but episode nine for us is when you can always start to sniff out what the endgame is going to be." Before the grand reveal, fans can expect to see a slew of DC Comics baddies villains, with Amell telling us, "There's no shortages of villains out there. It's pretty gnarly out there right now."

Jenna: Counting down the days until Ravenswood premieres! Got any fun teases?
Like mothership, like spinoff: Prepare for flashbacks! The new series will be featuring creeptastic flashbacks to 1917, where some super-weird meetings are going down in Ravenswood. The word revival may or may not be tossed around.

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