Sharknado, Zombie, The Walking Dead

SyFy; Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

We don't know what was more upsetting in last night's The Walking Dead. The fact that zombies were literally falling from the sky, or that an entire aisle of wine was decimated in the process. People, there are no more vineyards. There are no more grapes. Can you imagine?!

In case you missed it, and want to see how The Walking Dead's zombie deluge compared to Syfy's shark-tornado movie Sharknado when it comes to scary sci-fi natural disasters, we have the video highlights of both for you. We know this is what you have been waiting for, and you are welcome!

It wasn't sharks falling from the sky on Walking Dead, and Ian Ziering wasn't there, but TWD's zombie rain scene was still pretty epic and (shockingly) had much better production value. It all went down when Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), and a few others went on a run for supplies outside of their protected prison-community walls. Turns out, there were zombies on the roof of the supply store, and the roof started caving in. Suffice to say, things did not end well and a perfectly charming love interest was devoured by a walker in the process.

See for yourself...

And as a reminder, here's what Sharknado, which broke ratings records for Syfy back in July , looked like (as if you could ever forget!)...

Which sci-fi natural disaster was better? The Walking Dead's zombie rain, or Sharknado's shark tornado?

Vote now!

The Walking Dead Vs. Sharknado
The Walking Dead's Zombie Rain or Sharknado's Shark Tornado: Which Was Better?

And while you're at it, hit the comments to tell us what you thought of last night's season-four Walking Dead premiere. You digging the farm life or counting the minutes till things get pig-poop crazy again?

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