Miley Cyrus Talks VMAs Performance With Robin Thicke, Complains About "Double Standard"

The "Wrecking Ball" singer tells Ellen DeGeneres the performance was supposed to be "funny" and "provocative"

By Zach Johnson Oct 11, 2013 12:56 PMTags
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Yes, Miley Cyrus finally discussed the demise of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth on the Friday, Oct. 11, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But the pop star also addressed her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards for the umpteenth time.

"Robin Thicke was on the stage as well," host Ellen DeGeneres said, alluding to the fact that Cyrus has shouldered most of the blame for their sexy stage show.

"No one talks about that," the 20-year-old singer said. "No one cares about the man behind the booty. You only care about the one that's shaking it. Double standard."

Though Thicke, 36, has implied that Cyrus' antics took him by surprise, his collaborator insisted the "Blurred Lines" crooner knew what was coming. "He was in rehearsal as much as I was and loving it, people," she said. "Everyone there knew except maybe some other people in the audience. I saw a lot faces that were kind of [shocked]: ‘Should we be laughing at this? Is this supposed to be funny?'"

Cyrus said she's somewhat surprised by the hubbub the performance caused. Since then, she's also posed nude on the cover of Rolling Stone and called it quits with Hemsworth. Needless to say, it's been a busy fall for the Tennessee native.

"It's pretty intense," Cyrus said. "It's kind if the craziest time in my whole life. I think of everything that I did getting up to this moment. I feel like it was all just me training for this marathon that I'm in the middle of right now. It's the most insane week of my life and I don't know how I'm still standing and kind of awake. It's kind of been amazing. I've just been everywhere, but making my album [Bangerz] No. 1…made it all okay."