Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva star Jackson Hurst popped the question to his ladylove Stacy Stas, and now, the actor and his fiancée tell E! News the exclusive details of their proposal and first date.

Hurst and Stas met four-and-a-half years ago when she was rushing off to shoot a horror movie in Wisconsin. Hurst said they went to go have drinks, but ended up hanging out all night.

"I had to leave the next day at 5 a.m. And he set his alarm, woke up and called me at five to wish me goodbye," Stas told us. "It was really sweet. He didn't kiss me when he dropped me off that night, so I thought he just wanted to be friends. But that was really sweet that he called me at 5 a.m. to wake me up."

Hurst says, "It was kind of love at first sight...We talked after that every day when she was shooting. There was a span of two days when we didn't talk and I was losing my mind."
But with Stas having to rush to Wisconsin, the pair didn't have a real official date until a month later when she returned. Stas returned to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve and Hurst put together an elaborate first date. "I set up a picnic in Griffith Park where we could watch fireworks. I had candles, sushi and champagne."

So when it came to popping the big question, Hurst decided to recreate that moment.

"I wanted to take back to where it all began. I went back with another buddy and staked out and found a beautiful creek bed with ivy and flowers. We set up the picnic. And this time I got good sushi cause I was no longer broke and some nice champagne. We set up candles everywhere."

Stas said the proposal was "so perfect," and added, "I kind of knew it was coming. I had told him a while ago that whenever you are going to do it, can you just make sure my nails look good. A few days before, he was like ‘Do you think you want to get a manicure?''

She continued, "Even before he started into it, I started crying."

Hurst had a friend hiding in the bushes filming the whole thing. "I kind of forgot he was there, because I got so wrapped up in it. But then in hindsight I thought, 'That is kind of creepy.' But the video is beautiful. He snapped some shots. It really turned out amazing."

Stas' diamond bling was made by Chris Capri of Capri Jewelry Inc. and is one of a kind. The sparkler has a halo, with a round-cut diamond and a vintage rustic look with diamonds down the band. "It's exactly what I could have imagined," she said.
As for a date? "She has always wanted a spring wedding so that sounds perfect for me," Hurst tells E! News.

Congratulations to the couple!

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