The Tomorrow People


"He's looking out for not just one but two species."

Talk about pressure! The CW's new drama The Tomorrow People, which is based on the '70s cult favorite U.K. series of the same name, finally premiered tonight, introducing viewers to Arrow star Stephen Amell's equally-as-attractive cousin Robbie Amell. But he's not playing a superhero, he's playing a superhuman!

In the series premiere, Stephen (Amell) learns he is a member of a genetically advanced race with the abilities of telekinesis, teleportation and telepathic communication, and ends up joining a small group of them known as the Tomorrow People. The team is made up of three other members: John (Luke Mitchell), the rebellious leader, gifted empath Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo), the group's most reckless member.

Now that you've been initiated, we're curious to know what you thought of The Tomorrow People...

Of course, with great power comes great threat as there is paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra out to stop the Tomorrow People, even recruiting some of them to help with their cause. Leading the charge? Mark Pellegrino's Jedikiah, who was revealed to by Stephen's uncle. And in a surprising twist, Stephen joins Uncle Jed and Ultra by episode's end in an attempt to learn more about his father's mysterious disappearance (and to possibly play double agent!).

We were particularly intrigued by Jedikiah revealing that some of the gifted teens out there were using their powers to tweet international launch codes and to rob banks; does this mean we'll be meeting new Tomorrow People in every episode who may like to get their hands dirty?

"I think maybe half the time we play our 'breakout of the week,' and the way we imagine it is just like there's as much variety among, like, Tomorrow People, as there is among ordinary people," Klemmer explains. "So people like Stephen can inherit powers and they have this inherent goodness and sense of responsibility. But there can be some real s--theads...and by virtue of being adolescents, they're in a much more emotionally volatile state; you can really break bad."

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