Jaime King welcomed her first child on Sunday, Oct. 6, and she had a great support system right by her side in the delivery room! 

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, the 34-year-old Hart of Dixie star posted an Instagram photo of her "team of angels at the birth" of son James Knight. Those blessed souls included hubby Kyle Newman, the "best doc ever" Dr. Randy Harris, and a lovely songbird named Lana Del Rey.

How Jaime and Lana's friendship came to be is actually a cute albeit unconventional story. The actress told Bullett magazine in early 2013 about what sparked her first meeting with the singer two years before. "I had been listening to her music, because my husband saw her video on YouTube," she said, "and I was like, "Oh s--t. My husband's in love with this girl."

"And then, I listened to the music and I was like 'Oh s--t. I'm in love with this girl," she added laughingly. "Her little sister Chuck is best friends with one of my other best friends and he said, 'Listen Lana's a huge fan of yours and you guys should hook up.' And that was that. "

"We just have a very blessed relationship because there's nothing that I need from her, and there's nothing that she needs from me," she explained, "and I think in Hollywood and often in the music industry, it's really nice to know that you can have a friend that you can depend on where there's no rivalry. So it's really just about loving and supporting each other."

And that they do! Lana provided support in the delivery room, and earlier this year, Jaime costarred in as the singer's lover in her "Summer Sadness" music video. "That's probably her most watched video now," Jaime told Bullett, "and I think the reason is because people see the depth of love and friendship."

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