Lily Collins apparently loves books more than guys. But will she see what's in front of her nose?

E! News has an exclusive clip of the actress's indie drama, Stuck in Love, which hit Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday.

In the scene, Collins plays Sam, a 19-year-old college student and budding novelist who doesn't quite pick up on the romantic feelings her fellow writer, Lou (Logan Lerman), has for her when he tries to impress her brother, who's a big Stephen King fan.

Stuck In Love follows Sam as she moves past the walls she's put up between herself and romance after watching her mom (Jennifer Connelly) dump her dad (Greg Kinnear) for a younger guy three years her junior.  Lou wants a relationship with her, but she's more interested in one-night stands and casual encounters—that is, until Lou starts blowing her off and stops going to a writing seminar they both attended.

Ah…young love.

Collins' other feature credits include 2009's The Blind Side, and 2011's Abduction and Mirror Mirror.  The starlet, who's the daughter of Genesis singer Phil Collins, last appeared on the big screen in August in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The flick, which hit theaters in limited release in July, also stars Kristen Bell and Natt Wolff and features a cameo by The Stand author himself.

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