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Caskett shippers, you have reached a point where a lot of TV fans never get to: an engagement! Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are engaged and soon-to-be living in the same city again since Beckett just got fired from her D.C. gig on Monday night's Castle episode.

But as you shippers are well aware, the road to a wedding is never smooth. Ever. So we chatted with Katic and the rest of the Castle cast about when, if ever, we'll see a wedding and how worried we should be about Caskett's future.

"I think they're definitely gonna prolong it," Molly Quinn predicts to us exclusively. "I cannot say, but my gut feeling would be that it is going to be prolonged, even maybe broken at some point, and brought back together. There are a lot of things that could happen. I mean, who knows, maybe Alexis decides to sabotage the whole thing."

Now why would Alexis want to sabotage the future happiness of her father? Kids these days, right?

Katic also believes that the Castle-Beckett engagement will be stretched out, so don't plan those Castle wedding parties quite yet.

"I think these two characters have strong opinions, and that will create a lot of conflict and opportunity for romance and interest, hopefully," she tells us. "It would be a new version of the show. I think that they did a nice job of kind of shifting it into the romance last year, and now finally into the engagement, and I'm already filming episode seven or eight, and it seems like they're doing a great job of kind of creating that shift."

Finally, Juliana Dever believes that there is no need for a quickie marriage, considering how long fans have waited for those two to get together.

"I don't know if it's something that's gonna be quick," Denver says. "I mean, it's taken us five years to get to this point, so why rush it?"

To hear more from the cast, including how they think Castle fans compare to Supernatural fans, watch our exclusive interviews below!

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