Perez Hilton, Chris Brown, Wendy Williams

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Chris Brown is starting yet another war of words on Twitter.

And this time, the singer is taking aim at Perez Hilton and television host Wendy Williams.

It all began one quiet Tuesday morning when the blogger tweeted that he was about to make an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show.

That was all well and good until Hilton tweeted exactly what he planned to discuss on the program.

He tweeted: "I hope @ChrisBrown doesn't watch! I'm talking about him on the @WendyWilliams show today and I'm going in!!!"

As one would expect, that news didn't exactly sit well with the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer.

Brown then took to Twitter to vent his frustrations and send a clear message to both Hilton and Williams.

"Thanks for the publicity. Your insecurities are manifested by your hatred. Princess Perez and wicked witch Wendy," he wrote. "Flunkies!"

He added: "Can't take advice from 2 buff chicks when one can't stand to look at herself without plastic surgery and the other is forever on his period." Yikes!

Just a few moments later, Brown tweeted (and then later deleted) another insult that read, "Who cares. It's old.. Your old.. Im not going anywhere… Face it and live with yourself."

Hilton, of course, couldn't just sit by and let the rant go on without a proper response.

The blogger wrote back the lyrics to Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home" and later tweeted a picture of him and Williams superimposed on an old nude photograph of the singer.

He also clarified Brown's original nickname by saying, "That's Queen Perez! #BowDown."

Because two wrongs definitely make a right, right?! Great. Glad we cleared that up!

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