Miley Cyrus Jokes About Her MTV VMA Performance, Parodies "We Can't Stop" on Saturday Night Live

"Wrecking Ball" crooner hosted the show for the second time Saturday and performed two songs while she was at it

By Brandi Fowler Oct 06, 2013 4:26 PMTags

Miley Cyrus was on her best behavior on Saturday Night Live

Hosting the show for the second time, the "Wrecking Ball" crooner ditched twerking for the night, kept her tongue in her mouth and kept her clothes on, albeit one segment where she and new cast member Kyle Mooney get caught in the midst of shooting a sex tape. 

"It is so great to back at SNL," the 20-year-old singer-actress said when she gave her monologue in a tweed crop top and knee-length skirt. "In case anyone was concerned there will be no twerking tonight. I used to think it was cool, but now that white people are doing it it seems kind of lame."

"There are a few subjects I'm not gonna get into tonight," she went on. "I'm not gonna do Hannah Montana, but I can give an update on what she's been up to…she was murdered."

And then it was time for the show.

In arguably the best sketch of the night, Cyrus parodied her "We Can't Stop" music video, poking fun at the government shutdown in "We Did Stop." Taran Killam snapped on a gold grill, a white crop top and leggings to play a body rolling John Boehner Meanwhile, Cyrus shook her stuff in a brunette wig and black shorts suit as Michelle Bachman.

A close second was the "Cold Open," in which Cyrus poked fun at her MTV Video Music Awards performance and herself---and finally met up with Vanessa Bayer, who does a killer imitation of the singer on SNL's "Miley Cyrus Show" sketch. 

"Who are you?," Miley asked when she popped up. "What do you mean? I'm old you," Bayer replied. "I think I'm hallucinating. I must've smoked too much…cigarettes," Cyrus said with a smile.

Once Bayer proved she was the "old Miley," she told Cyrus she came to warn her that her VMA performance "might be too controversial." 

"It was foretold to me by Kennedy's ghost…it was the ghost of the MTV VJ Kennedy and she might have been alive, just really low energy," Bayer said. "If you walk out there like that, they're gonna put you in prison like that guy."

In walked Robin Thicke (Killam) at that point, who said, "Hey wzup kid? You ready to start grabbing on my junk while I half sing?" 

Bobby Moynihan also popped up as a horrified teddy bear who shouted "We shouldn't be doing this! This is for kids!" 

When it came time for Cyrus to perform, she sang "Wrecking Ball," rocking a glittery chain and a big sheer Poison jersey shirt, and she also ditched her usual high-energy performance of "We Can't Stop," taking a seat instead in a mesh sleeveless white tank top, white jogging pants and Nike flip flops to sing a soulful rendition of the song. 

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